You’re a visionary and pioneer looking to find your foothold in Chattanooga’s thriving economy. But no matter where you look, it seems impossible to grab hold of something real before it’s passed you by. Enter Slayton’s Cross, a new Collier Field Community in Chattanooga’s thriving Southside. Situated just east of the Main street revitalization, this development reinvests in Chattanooga’s can-do spirit characterized by our city’s early developers. A private community of 19 townhomes, Slayton’s Cross is your opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with the visionaries and dreamers who, like you, believed in a better city.

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So, get home in the evening and take a short stroll down to Main Street Meats for a choice cut of beef, go to Niedlov’s for a fresh basket of rolls, and grab some exquisite cheese from The Bleu Fox before heading home to prepare the freshest home-cooked meal in Chattanooga. Not in the mood to cook? You’re in walking distance of some of the best hand-crafted food and drink in the city. Whatever your evening looks like, you can’t go wrong planting your roots in the future of Chattanooga’s Southside.

Walking Time:
  • Breakfast - 12 Min
  • Coffee - 6 Min
  • Drinks - 10 Min
  • Shopping - 20 Min
  • Gym - 12 min
  • Vet - 4 Min
  • Salon - 19 Min
  • Massage - 9 Min
  • Park - 10 Min 
  • Music - 14 Min

The Montague

The Slayton

Starting in the mid-200s, Slayton’s Cross will give you the opportunity to settle into a 2,200+ square foot home in the quiet neighborhood you’ve been looking for with easy access to the downtown eateries and venues you love.

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FIELD is the community development arm of Collier Construction. FIELD seeks to re-imagine how communities are built in Chattanooga by echoing Collier Construction's longstanding commitment to environmental sensitivity and by borrowing heavily from Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND) principles.

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